Sunday, July 12, 2015

Being a Chromosome.

So here I am, doing the laziest thing ever...sitting down in a gym and watching people sweat. I should feel like a weirdo. Sadly, I don't.

I sincerely enjoy my view. The sounds ... they are panting , heaving, huffing, some are silent; bearing the pain and aches. The vision... The angony in their eyes, the mouth agape, teeth bared, eyes rolled up, some shaking their heads while still doing the crunches or whatever this is. Ahhhhh, tho sweat rolling down ... Beauty is pain. My vision is beauty.

By the way, I am on annual  leave.  My first leave in 3 years.

I stumbled upon a trend #beingfemaleinnigeria. You should see it if you can.
In course of my three decades in this world, the world I stumbled into with a vagina,
uterus,  rudimentary breasts, and XX chromosomes. I've come to find out that its a different kettle of fish. If I happened to have a penis, testicles and XY chromosomes. This is not an article from the 4th Geneva convention; I'm not a feminist ranter. However, I do strongly believe that the world is gender biased. Note I'm not referring to any particular gender.
Try as we may to act like it does not exist, it does. If you are rolling your eyes right now or have a skeptic look on, open your mind. Let your mind be like water. Ready to take form.

I'll site some examples before we go into #beingfemaleinnigeria.

If we say gender bias doesn't exist,  why is it that when there is a female executive, top ranking female in the military, Female President, it makes headlines? Why is it that a female Professor or Doctor is referred to as Prof/Dr (Mrs) XX? It is wrong English you know?

Why is it that when a man chooses the noble profession of being a nurse, people think he can do better and automatically assume couldn't qualify as a doctor?  Why is it in this part of the world, male cooks are looked at funny? Why is it unacceptable to some people to see a stay-at-home-dad. News flash,  this is 2015, you can work from home successfully.

#beingfemaleinNigeria...  must have a sugar daddy if you are under 30 and financially stable.

...if your husband, boyfriend, hits you, you must have been the one at fault. You need to apologize immediately.

...if you get raped, we must ask if you wore a short skirt, fitted trousers.  You must have lured him. should be married before you are 26 or else you are an Aunty gwegwegwe, you have bad character, or, high standards. must have read a zillion books about how to make a man happy. I can't remember seeing much of making a woman happy. Lolololololololol.

....if you don't have babies in 1st year of marriage,  it's all your fault.

...only mother-in-laws are evil. Father in laws don't count.

...housegirls are witches.

...on the 1st 3 dates, it must be established you can cook. can't live in your house and drive a posh car without being married. Choose your priorities woman!

...bass voice, 'lend me money' , alto voice, ' I don't have'. Bass voice ' what are you even doing with your money?'

....'you wan hit my car??????? Ahh, no wonder. Na woman'. can't enter certain public places except you are with a man. The security man will turn you back at the gate.'s okay to be married at 11.

Some of the #beingfemaleinNigeria were culled from the  twitter trend.

As a male child,  you are discouraged from crying. Crying is for girls. Doesn't this repress emotions at a tender age?

Do you know that Pirates till this present time are only males!

Remember the premise, there's still gender bias.
I believe you should be whatever (legal) you want to be irrespective of gender.

Oh my, it's been a while on this blog. SMH.

By the way, witches are females and wizards are genuises.

Until tomorrow :-)


  1. My favourite : "lend me money". I don't have. "WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING WITH ALL YOUR MONEY?"
    Priceless, that one.
    Welcome back Frannie. Feels like you never left.

  2. My personal favourite: "lend me money". I don't have. "WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING WITH YOUR MONEY ANYWAY?"
    Priceless, that one.
    Welcome back Frannie. Feels like you never left.

  3. Fathers in law don't Nollywood films even acknowledge them