Sunday, December 26, 2010

Are You Okay?

Hi, Merry Christmas all y'all.

Some people are trying to modernize the season and rename it, ''Happy Holidays'' and no longer the ''Merry Christmas''. I don't wanna conform to killing the tradition and embracing the free-thinkers. Those who want to get on with the celebration but do it in such a manner they don't acknowledge Christ are happy holidaying. Before I derail,lemme go back to my the title of this post.

I'm a bit sober today. Not in the alcohol-related way... that'll be till later this evening..I got some invites to last me today till Monday night. I'm loving this season oooooo. Now I derail again.

I read somewhere that Australia has a day set aside for caring. It's called Are You Okay Day. From what I could decipher, on a day like that, you are kind of supposed to check up on your family, friends, nieghbours, acquaintances, even ask strangers if the are okay and if there's anything you can help them out with. It sort of is a day set out to care for people. A day to reach out to even the unloved.

When I read about it, I related to it a lot. 'Twas introduced to try and curb the suicide rates out there (or so i feel). Many people are really lonely...lonely to a depressed state sef. Even something as little as a smile could  brighten their day what more an, 'hi, how do you do? Are you okay?' Really nice concept if you ask me...but what do I know?
I think the depression thing is much worse in the Western world. People keep to themselves so much, they turn into serial killers. Oya now, check it... how many times do you hear about a serial killer in Nigeria or suicides??? We have suicides, I know. But it's child-play compared to out there.
Our social networking here's the bomb. Let's count...

Please allow me to go off point for a second...what's with that thing of ''OMG, I cried when I saw this. This girl committed suicide after her dad wrote on her wall'' all over Facebook??? 

Back to our gist. Oya, let's count...

-- we have churches at every 1000 metres (Yea, I know the Churches are made up of Pastor, his wife, treasurer, seven daughters and one son, tenants and his offering bag. But it serves as a place to go and socialize a bit).

-- one million health centres ( because of 'free' health care, you can find everyone in the neigbhourhood at the clinic. From Papa to 3week old baby).

--our face-you-i-face yous ( how can one Serial kill when he's living in a place like this? How can he hang himself when the distance from his ceiling to his floor isn't up to 5ft8''?)
And then, our  our open markets,malls,cinemas,shows each weekend.

When we have all these services, we are allowed to reach out to people. People might think we are living in abject poverty but don't you forget... We are the HAPPIEST people on Earth and I love our mentality.

But on a more serious note, I think the Are You Okay Day is a nice concept and should be introduced to more countries.
I'm really very sober today but not reflective.
Wuuuuuuuuuuuuu, can't wait till the evening. It's gonna be groovyyyyyyyyyyyyyy babyyyyyyy. Hope I see something weird.

Feliz Navidad.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ever feel the pressure?

Do you ever feel like you are under some self-imposed pressure to please. You know, like silly little things that don't even count but you feel you should be the fire-man, always-ready-boy-scout.
Lemme site an example for you to understand where I'm coming from...
A friend calls and is like, 'hey, franni baby don't tell me you've been online all day. C'mon girl,it's a friday night, don't you have places to go? You go ol' for house'. Then I go, ''but how d'you know I'm online'' and he goes,'my blackberry says so and I know you are only online from your computer 'cos you don't have a BB'. Yeahhhh right! Feeling trapped between being mentally labelled a douche-bag and telling a spot-on lie, I choose the later. ''Oh that, damn, that means my sister logged on using my computer, you see,it's like default setting there. Am at a colleagues house,we'll soon head out''. And he goes, 'K, I'm bored at home,wanted to come over. Please on your way back,can you buy me some shawarma?' Psshhhht. And in my mind, I wish I would have just said,''yea,I've been home all day' now, I've to go out and buy his busy-body self sharwarma.
Or, another scenario...
My friend calls and goes, 'chic,abeg I need you to come over to this address ASAP. I'm stuck, Melissa borrowed my car and my phone's in car. Do you have a pen?Do you have a pen? I'm using the gate-man's phone. Find a pen'. Then I say,' gimme frigging one minute'. And I'm searching all over the place for a pen but this guy will not shut up and let me search for my pen. Gosh. Pressure! Pressure! What d'you expect me to do? I told him to gimme the address and that I had a pen. The dude gives me a tedious address which i tried my best to remember. You know this kind of address that is behind this street and to the left,get to the second roundabout and take your left the turn right kind of thing. Unfortunately, I didn't have a pen. So, I'm using my fingernail to trace line on a paper indicating right and left. My 'jottings' initially make sense during the call but after the, 'ok,I''m on my way', all I finger-nailed noted turns all gibberish.

Do you guys ever feel pressure? Lemme know
... Who am I kidding, it's just me in here.


To my Next

I can't say I'm having a blogger's block (how dare I? Am not even a writer!).
My week was a blast...kinda. That's compared to how it's been previously.
These days, I find my self playing hide-n-seek from the male-wolves (let's call 'em Wolverines) of this world. I like men -don't get me wrong- but sometimes they could be a pain...yea yea, you think I'm still hurting.

Let me tell you what my ideal man looks and thinks like :
...Kai, You must be HOTT as in ruggedly manly hott oh. I'm talking, Denzel Washington, Mark Sloan (McSteamy) type not Seven Days-Craig David type.
...Always ready to reply my text messages with an equally witty one.ASAP. Calls me 1st thing in the a.m and last thing at night.
...Knows how to have an AWESOME time.
...Knows how to handle his own in the kitchen. C'mon guys, I come back late from a tasking day, don't a girl deserve some TLC? C'monnnn, my daddy does it for my mummy. lol.
...Oh, he should gimme some space. I love me some space dammit. I'm not the needy needy type. In fact, I encourage you to have a guy's night far as there are no ladies on that table!

...Oh my, the more I hit the key board, the more my criteria hits my head. Oh gees, maybe it's all my fault. But  then, if I have to go through pregnancy, pushing out a 5kg weight through my Oh-so-cherished-V,condemning my great jugs and my tiny waist,etc etc... one would think I should be carried in a glass cup. I'm just saying. Ewww, pregnancy and labour still gives me the creeps.
... Do you know any guy who could consider surrogacy?

I think I should talk less about my real self... kinda boring.