Sunday, April 10, 2016

I am selling my 'markate'

Please excuse me. Excuse me I want to sell my "markate". Doctor work needs help. Salary no belleful me. Please I have markate to sell.

Boys and Girls I have markate.

So, as few of you online friends and most of you real-time friends know, my hair is natchi...that is to say, my hair is natural. It's kinky, it's nappy. It is just as it comes out from my scalp. I stopped using relaxers about a year ago... just a choice I made after some experimenting. However, this markate is not about my hair texture. It's about my markate. Please don't watch me leave my lane and swerve and jam "natural hair gist".

Ahemm, I'm making wigs now. #gbam.

So ladies, do you have any human hair weaves and a matching closure? I can turn it into an eye catching wig!

I don't want to convince you about the greatness and freedom wigs offer. They really are endless. No more Sunday rush to the salon and getting less than your money's worth; no more headaches from how your hair was pulled or fear of needle pricks; or is it the versatility of changing your look each morning or sleeping with a light head especially in this humidity; or do I talk about the longer lifespan your weaves will have?
Abeg the advantages are just too much.

I learnt to wear wigs to protect my hair from the elements and also because I could no longer use my kinky natural hair to blend over oyibo weaves. That would be hideous. Wigs have helped me grow my natchi as well as look "candy" simultaneously.

                         If you leave me now i would leave my lane and end up
                         making this post an epistle. I'm struggling not to get
                         carried away with talking about how much I love wigging!!!

So how does this work? Simple! Contact me.
Get your bundles of hair and a matching closure, then contact me. It's that simple!

Note that I'm not one of those people who get scissors happy and cut wefts. I abhor it. I don't cut through hair. Your weaves will be as intact as you delivered them. If or when you decide to make it a sew-on weave again, you will have no issues.

So guys, you can surprise your woman, your mother, your sister or your eye-candy (winks).
Girls, ... I need say no more.

Ehhh, this was what I came here to say. Support the industry.

Yeah, you can contact me via email

Those that say I've forgotten my blog...hmmn, e kene kwam unu. (Greetings).

Sorry for the poor pictures.



  1. About this markate e go pure if we see pictures of this product's oh. Better make I take eye see the natchi hair plus the aute wig. Na wetin eye see mouth go talk.

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    3. okay, thanks for the input ;-)

  2. What if I have only the weave? Can u get the matching closure??? Thanks....