Monday, February 1, 2016

Personal ginger

Hello all.

Happy new year. The fake lindaikeji wannabe is back... or not.

All of you asking me how much I make out of my blog, let me answer you all (plus the ones planning to ask)... zero! I mean I make naught, zit, nada. Shi-shi I no dey see. How will I make when you people will read and not be commenting? Only when you see me in beer parlour or at work you remember to say what you should have written down under the comment section.

Leave me o.
I’m looking unto my other hus
sle since you people don’t want to be friends and promote a soon to be rich blogger. Sha sha, I write because it’s one of the ways I communicate better plus it helps ease mind. Some people take weed, some watch porn, stroll etc to relieve tension for me it’s writing even if it’s gibberish.
This 2016, this 2016, this 2016! Why does January feel like April already? (Franni the ranter. Please allow me).

The stress is real! 2015 was adventurous and interesting... but these past 31days though, it’s been too long or is it just me? I feel like Tunde Afolayan should be expecting a script from me cos it has not been easy.
OKAY, let’s see (not counting all the Nigerian celebrities a d their social media wars nor Zita virus and Lassa fever ooo. Or do I count that? The Lassa fever breakout makes my job harder as though it wasn’t hard enough already), I have my own personal struggles (physical, emotional, mental struggles). Notwithstanding, everyday I dress up and show up. Rub and shine. Body dey inside clothe, leg dey inside shoe. Man must hussle.

I want (to wipe that upper paragraph cos this post is beginning to look too demoralizing.

I won’t delve into my personal struggles this month cos I am trying out something new. This post supposed to try and break the jinx of last year’s fake blogging. Can’t believe I had just one post. Hahahhhaaàaha.
I could not seem to see beyond my nose this month of January. Could not seem to catch break. However, February sounds interesting... Feb-ru-ary.

This is my personal ginger post.
So lemme gist small side pipiroro... hmmm, so I experienced this thing called Uber... great concept I must say. So I entered Uber taxi and the driver put on some weird suggestive moaning and grunting ‘arousing music’. Before we reached Lekki toll gate his eyes were looking like half past 4 eyes (mind you, they were normal looking eyes when I entered the taxi) with his mouth ajar.
                I was like
Brothers and Sisters, I had to switch it off and wind down my side of the window cos I know in this lagos, many are mad but few are roaming. Fear catch me small. Even asked if I was on Instagram. (Clicks tongue)
Anyway, my motto this beautiful Feb-ur-ary is “ let go and let God”.

Wish y’all a beautiful month.
Oh yes, feel free to hit me up at work or in the beer parlour...


  1. Welcome back... It's gonna be a beautiful February to remember

  2. Welcome back... It's gonna be a February to remember

  3. Lol!!
    The uber experience made me laugh.
    Many are mad and few roaming indeed.. personally I'm scared of lagos. Blame it on social media and all the kurukere stories that come out of that city. My already shiny eyes shines double,whenever I'm there.

    This shouldn't be your only post for the year o... it's April, come and post the next.