Sunday, September 18, 2011

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 Hii.I keep getting complaints about difficulty in posting comments on this blog.
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thoughts Aloud

Thoughts Allowed Aloud

I missed you silly!
I know what you are probably saying... ‘’girl, thought your blogging died a natural death’’. Sorry, to burst your bubble, it didn’t!!! I actually do not have any good reason for being away so long. Oh no, I do! My creative mind was in recess.

Today, I’m just gonna think aloud and let my fingers do the typing. Hmmmn, somehow, all that runs through my mind is, ”Lawd, how and why did I get a facebook account?” Howwww???! :-(
Don’t get me wrong oh, I loves loves loves the Facebook concept buh, sometimes, I'm just like hmmmn!

First of all, dear Mark Zuckerberg, what is the idea behind ‘poke’? If I want to get someone’s attention, emmm, couldn't I just write on his wall? **puzzled face**
Facebook has taken away some of my freedom to snub! You know, sometimes I suspect that facebook just adds friends for you without your knowledge (conspiracy theory **winks**).