Friday, November 26, 2010

It finally happened

I read somewhere that writing is really healthy. I was meant to have started this blogging thing ages ago but I have been too lazy to start. I actually have a genuine excuse... I was preparing for my surgery residency examinations... which i flunked... thank you very much. Every one says it's healthy to fail once on a lifetime but this is my very first failure in life and it stings.
Starting this blog today is not as a result of my 'failure' in exams but as a result of my just recently ended relationship. It doesn't just hurt because I fell in love but because, I've not gotten the closure I very much need. You won't understand and I don't think I want to de-flower my blog by crying over spilled milk. I've got a great mind, and I am gonna channel my emotions to doing other things. Lemme share this... if twasn't for societal pressure, family pressure and the female biology, women will just not give a f^$kiin hoot about being tied down by a guy who does nothing but work, drink and sleep while she multitasks and re-anatomize her gorgeous body cos she wants to give him babies and 'solidify' the relationship. Narrrrrr, I love babies don't get me wrong.

Hmmnnn, now i wonder... will i ever get any followers??? Should I also delve into gossip like other blogs or mind my business? I don't think I ca keep up with gossip cos of my profession. I'm a doctor. But I can assure you that there will be lotsa hott gossip for the ER and our call-rooms. See you guys bad, there's no one here.