Sunday, December 19, 2010

To my Next

I can't say I'm having a blogger's block (how dare I? Am not even a writer!).
My week was a blast...kinda. That's compared to how it's been previously.
These days, I find my self playing hide-n-seek from the male-wolves (let's call 'em Wolverines) of this world. I like men -don't get me wrong- but sometimes they could be a pain...yea yea, you think I'm still hurting.

Let me tell you what my ideal man looks and thinks like :
...Kai, You must be HOTT as in ruggedly manly hott oh. I'm talking, Denzel Washington, Mark Sloan (McSteamy) type not Seven Days-Craig David type.
...Always ready to reply my text messages with an equally witty one.ASAP. Calls me 1st thing in the a.m and last thing at night.
...Knows how to have an AWESOME time.
...Knows how to handle his own in the kitchen. C'mon guys, I come back late from a tasking day, don't a girl deserve some TLC? C'monnnn, my daddy does it for my mummy. lol.
...Oh, he should gimme some space. I love me some space dammit. I'm not the needy needy type. In fact, I encourage you to have a guy's night far as there are no ladies on that table!

...Oh my, the more I hit the key board, the more my criteria hits my head. Oh gees, maybe it's all my fault. But  then, if I have to go through pregnancy, pushing out a 5kg weight through my Oh-so-cherished-V,condemning my great jugs and my tiny waist,etc etc... one would think I should be carried in a glass cup. I'm just saying. Ewww, pregnancy and labour still gives me the creeps.
... Do you know any guy who could consider surrogacy?

I think I should talk less about my real self... kinda boring.


  1. i think i like dis

  2. Your dream man is in the pages of novels and magazines.Let us know when you wake up:-reality check

  3. haba Clair,why are you doing me like this naww?not.fair at all o.does Mrs McSteamy have 3heads. don't worry,you'll see my tori on E! very soon.

  4. am speechless..u are really a case trust me..i Like ur taste but a Denzel lookin man,he just mite be a broke ass or a crazy ass cos at the end of the day we all have one little mistake just for amusment: by dat i mean looks,character..but u i admire..

  5. Nice 1...doh i gotta agree wif Clair 2 a certain extent...kinda lyk ya...kip it up gal!