Sunday, December 26, 2010

Are You Okay?

Hi, Merry Christmas all y'all.

Some people are trying to modernize the season and rename it, ''Happy Holidays'' and no longer the ''Merry Christmas''. I don't wanna conform to killing the tradition and embracing the free-thinkers. Those who want to get on with the celebration but do it in such a manner they don't acknowledge Christ are happy holidaying. Before I derail,lemme go back to my the title of this post.

I'm a bit sober today. Not in the alcohol-related way... that'll be till later this evening..I got some invites to last me today till Monday night. I'm loving this season oooooo. Now I derail again.

I read somewhere that Australia has a day set aside for caring. It's called Are You Okay Day. From what I could decipher, on a day like that, you are kind of supposed to check up on your family, friends, nieghbours, acquaintances, even ask strangers if the are okay and if there's anything you can help them out with. It sort of is a day set out to care for people. A day to reach out to even the unloved.

When I read about it, I related to it a lot. 'Twas introduced to try and curb the suicide rates out there (or so i feel). Many people are really lonely...lonely to a depressed state sef. Even something as little as a smile could  brighten their day what more an, 'hi, how do you do? Are you okay?' Really nice concept if you ask me...but what do I know?
I think the depression thing is much worse in the Western world. People keep to themselves so much, they turn into serial killers. Oya now, check it... how many times do you hear about a serial killer in Nigeria or suicides??? We have suicides, I know. But it's child-play compared to out there.
Our social networking here's the bomb. Let's count...

Please allow me to go off point for a second...what's with that thing of ''OMG, I cried when I saw this. This girl committed suicide after her dad wrote on her wall'' all over Facebook??? 

Back to our gist. Oya, let's count...

-- we have churches at every 1000 metres (Yea, I know the Churches are made up of Pastor, his wife, treasurer, seven daughters and one son, tenants and his offering bag. But it serves as a place to go and socialize a bit).

-- one million health centres ( because of 'free' health care, you can find everyone in the neigbhourhood at the clinic. From Papa to 3week old baby).

--our face-you-i-face yous ( how can one Serial kill when he's living in a place like this? How can he hang himself when the distance from his ceiling to his floor isn't up to 5ft8''?)
And then, our  our open markets,malls,cinemas,shows each weekend.

When we have all these services, we are allowed to reach out to people. People might think we are living in abject poverty but don't you forget... We are the HAPPIEST people on Earth and I love our mentality.

But on a more serious note, I think the Are You Okay Day is a nice concept and should be introduced to more countries.
I'm really very sober today but not reflective.
Wuuuuuuuuuuuuu, can't wait till the evening. It's gonna be groovyyyyyyyyyyyyyy babyyyyyyy. Hope I see something weird.

Feliz Navidad.



  1. how can one Serial kill when he's living in a place like this? How can he hang himself when the distance from his ceiling to his floor isn't up to 5ft8.
    nice one

  2. Are you okay day should have been introduced to Dora Akunyili. Quite certain it would have gained more popularity than the 'happy Nigeria, happy people' scheme she tried to force down our throat. People should learn to show love to others, not just here but all over the world. Merry Christmas!!

  3. hapi nu yr. like ur writes.

  4. Happy new year Franni! Here in Yanks, we say happy holidays to be politically correct, as per Jews celebrate folks don't want to exclude them and acknowledge only the Christians by saying 'Merry Christmas'...if that makes sense.

    Aniwoos, with that said...are you okay today? :-)

  5. This is good infact you should have a column in one of those glossy colourful mags....Ask franni....Woman 2 Woman with franni..... franni's world etc with your picture in a corner. You will make waves but no o! You are needed in theatre cutting anatomy.
    On the Season greetings; Why do we now write Xmas as Christmas? Really for me its weird, X from our simple knowledge stands for BAD, X stands for adult rated.....we can go on and most times its negetive. I think also that we should keep the tradition here and maintain some reverence in the things of GOD.

  6. Just checked your profile and decided to say hi. Why have you not posted any other topic after this one?

  7. u spoke well in dis post, kip it up!