Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ever feel the pressure?

Do you ever feel like you are under some self-imposed pressure to please. You know, like silly little things that don't even count but you feel you should be the fire-man, always-ready-boy-scout.
Lemme site an example for you to understand where I'm coming from...
A friend calls and is like, 'hey, franni baby don't tell me you've been online all day. C'mon girl,it's a friday night, don't you have places to go? You go ol' for house'. Then I go, ''but how d'you know I'm online'' and he goes,'my blackberry says so and I know you are only online from your computer 'cos you don't have a BB'. Yeahhhh right! Feeling trapped between being mentally labelled a douche-bag and telling a spot-on lie, I choose the later. ''Oh that, damn, that means my sister logged on using my computer, you see,it's like default setting there. Am at a colleagues house,we'll soon head out''. And he goes, 'K, I'm bored at home,wanted to come over. Please on your way back,can you buy me some shawarma?' Psshhhht. And in my mind, I wish I would have just said,''yea,I've been home all day' now, I've to go out and buy his busy-body self sharwarma.
Or, another scenario...
My friend calls and goes, 'chic,abeg I need you to come over to this address ASAP. I'm stuck, Melissa borrowed my car and my phone's in car. Do you have a pen?Do you have a pen? I'm using the gate-man's phone. Find a pen'. Then I say,' gimme frigging one minute'. And I'm searching all over the place for a pen but this guy will not shut up and let me search for my pen. Gosh. Pressure! Pressure! What d'you expect me to do? I told him to gimme the address and that I had a pen. The dude gives me a tedious address which i tried my best to remember. You know this kind of address that is behind this street and to the left,get to the second roundabout and take your left the turn right kind of thing. Unfortunately, I didn't have a pen. So, I'm using my fingernail to trace line on a paper indicating right and left. My 'jottings' initially make sense during the call but after the, 'ok,I''m on my way', all I finger-nailed noted turns all gibberish.

Do you guys ever feel pressure? Lemme know
... Who am I kidding, it's just me in here.



  1. that is pressure? you need to take a walk in my shoes. sometimes i just want to scream at the top of by voice or break something or someone. i never do though but just the thought helps to vent my anger and frustration

  2. Well i use to get pressured until i mastered that art of assertiveness. Being assertive gets you out of a complicated situation without necessarily compromising your friendship. Its either that or the world would take you for a