Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How many frogs does one have to kiss?

Like seriously!!!

How many frogs are required?
Some frogs are just horrible frogs. Just horrible!

No wonder some cultures don't eat frog. Eat frog, you die!

But some cultures and times require frogs to survive.
To not chop frog, wahala. To chop frog wahala.
Now to the cultures that chop frog, just how many frogs are way too much?

How many frogs constitute over-dose? How many constitute underdose? And how many are just plain poisonous?
Infact, the dose is not the wahala. The wahala is the manner of frog meat.

Some frogs are to be heard and not seen... Bad frog.
Some frogs are to be seen and not heard... Manageable frog.
Some frogs just keep croaking without hopping... Crippled frog.
Some have big eye and nothing else... Greedy frog.
Some have long tongues that are just drooling all over the place... Eww frog.
Some have really shine shine skin, can hop, big eye, croak with swag but one slender frog is hopping by them.

There are so many species.
Or is it that I have an exotic selective taste-bud?
Many frogs of these era eh... I saw one today.

 Now my question is... How many frogs does one have to kiss before choosing a culture? To be or not to be?

 Answer oh.



  1. Please kiss as many b4 choosing ur 'culture'. Even ur final pick will still maintain its frog traits.
    Kiss as many as u can so that in de end u know u picked de best. Dats where many of us fail. We kiss 1 frog n we tink we ve to stopping kissing oda frogs in de pond.

  2. Hmm... All these frogs, me sef I taya. If all them frogs sha came with a consumer guide I believe I'd be a more than happy kisser.

  3. Na you find trouble, see human beings everywhere, why must you settle for frogs.

    (Tip - Sometimes the prince is disguised as something else)

    1. Who wants disguise abeg? Is this Halloween?

  4. Frannie, the question posed was "how many frogs should one KISS?". And my humble answer? As many as present their furred, sleuthy tongues for kissing! Now as to how many one should actually EAT, I say choose ONE, and one only! Choose your poison, so to speak. And hope it doesn't kill you. Better still, hope it will be an undiscovered elixir for happinness and longevity. Who was it that defined freedom as "the right to choose one's chains"? Madiba, I believe. He knew what he was talking about.

  5. Frannie, I believe the question posed was "how many frogs does one have to KISS?". To which my answer would be: as many as present their furred, sleuthy tongues for kissing!
    The art of Kissing is a fine art, you see, and only the skilled know just when to suck the juice and when to spit out the poison!
    As to the question of how many frogs one must actually EAT, I am quick to say choose ONE, and one only! Pick your poison, so to speak. And hope and pray that it doesn't kill you. Better still, if you're an unrepentant optimist as I am, pray that your frog would be the undiscovered elixir for happinness and longevity! And that you and said frog would live happily ever after!
    Who was it that defined freedom as the right to choose one's chains? Madiba, was it? The man knew what he was talking about.

    1. Loving ur reply Didi...
      Frani oya start kissing and reserve the biggest one for eating! Lol...

  6. It depends on many factors. If the frog has anal breath, just burn ur mouth with fire & quit kissing frogs. If d frog has dustbin breath, JIK ur mouth and kiss d next frog. If it has fresh minty breath... stop here & chop this frog.

  7. Some people have been calling to ask "what culture are you talking about? Τo be or not to be".
    Well, be rest assured Ι'm not talking about kissing or chopping ΤΟΑDS.
    ΤΟΑDS are not in my diet. Ι'm strictly a frog-person.

    Τhanks guys for the comments. Τhainku thainku thainku.

  8. All frogs have a factory they are produced and the CEO has all de characteristics. Why not contact the factory owner with your frog specifications.A reply and direction will mek you choose one frog that can be kissed and eaten. Y go through de onerous task of kissing unwholesome frogs just in a bit to know which one to eat. All de best ooo

  9. Don't forget the frogs that open their mouths to croak and begin to chirp (pretentious frogs).
    Or the frogs that have received their kiss, turned human, and decide to turn frog again wen they feel like (cheating frog).

  10. love this. its interesting but i guess that for every frog one encounters there is something to learn from it. And also not all frogs are meant to be kissed. Nice write up . keep it up baby

  11. I still dont knw why blogspot hasn't figured a 'like' button for comments.

    I love Anon 7.46's response.

    And tanxx for stopping by

  12. love the way you used the frog metaphor to tell your story. just kip praying for the right frog to come around for happily ever after.

  13. So this has to be one of the best posts ever! And great comments too!