Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Chronicles of Gianna. (1)

I own a Porsche Carrera GTS, Rolls Royce Phantom, an Infiniti EX37  which I'm trading in for a QX70 next month. I consult for an oil servicing company in addition to two solid jobs I do by the side. I also have two booming clothing outfits.
 Vacations twice a year in any country of my flicker mood. I'm waited upon by four helps at my residence.

My name is Gianna ... of course I was not born a Gianna.

I am 28 years old, graduate of English Studies.
My life hasn't been all rosy. I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth nor any spoon for that matter. My added advantage is I'm as quick as a sliver. Show me a trick and i'll teach you a better way to go about it.

Had my early education up to second year in the University courtesy of my uncle. May he R.I.P.
His death opened up a new chapter in my life. THE HUSSLE CHAPTER.

Following the demise of Uncle Mo, my education ground to a brief halt. Irrespective, leaving school and  going home was definitely not an option. What was I going home to? My parents self-contained 'apartment'. Fcuk no. (pardon my french. You have to see its state to understand).

Back then in school, I stayed with three mates in a one bedroom apartment of which we converted the parlour into a room so we paired up. I stayed with Cynthia-O in the parlour-turned room. Cynthia-O was an okay girl in terms of social outlook. Her parents met all her needs.

The groovy girls were Bills (we called her Bills cos she always seemed loaded with cash and spoilt us with treats), and Funky (Funke). These were the 'it' girls. They had it all. They partied more than they studied but yet, they still made top grades (you do the math!!!).

Anyway, these were my sisters. They taught me most of what I 'improved' on. Without them, there would be no Gianna.
Am I eternally grateful to them? I don't know.

You know my name, now let me introduce you to my stats or rather, the stats my 'sisters' made me aware of.
I'm a 38-28-44. I'm 5ft 11", full sky-long legs, skin like chocolate and a face that looks like butter.

In summary, I make sense.

Now to back up a tad bit, after Uncle Mo died, I felt it was all over for me. Who will cater for me? Accommodation, school fees, feeding... It was all uncle Mo.

I had Spencer (Sir Spare) though. He was a year ahead of me and was my boyfriend. But he was young too and also relied on his parents.
 We had young love going. But TBH, there's little or nothing 'young love' can do.

I was in a dilemma. But not for long...

I hung around school doing absolutely nothing constructive with my life but I knew I would never go home to squalor.

About that time, there was an ASUU strike action. Cynthia-O took off to her parents'. 'Twas just us 3 left.

Strike lasted 5solid months.

Five months... good enough time for me to learn and imbibe the lifestyle of a Smart Chic.
Call me a Runs Girl if that makes you sleep better at night.

I learned to be smart and get what I want. My teachers, Bills and Funky. My name changed... Gianna. 


  1. Interesting. Is this going to be a regular feature? I hope so. I like bad girls.

  2. Hehehe, am sooo looking 4ward to the rest of Gianna's story...

  3. I hope it's not your true life story that you are indirectly telling us.

    1. Cant you just read the article and not be annoying. So what if it is her story.

    2. @ Surprise: like seriously??! Geez...

  4. Hi, I came to peep too. Nice work