Monday, May 27, 2013

Before my next Birthday.

Hello people!!! Guess what? I'm baaaacck ;).
 I know I've been as persistent and reliable as a dude who grew up with no shoes.
I'll try to sit up with this blogging ish. Blame it on blogger's block. ___

Today, it's gonna be about things I have got to achieve before my next birthday. [Yop, it's also a coded way of telling you that my birthday is sooooo close at hand].

Meanwhile, I get gist for you. But that's gonna be in my next post.

About my oncoming birthday, I got thinking about my life and I came up with things I'd like to do before the D-day which is about seven weeks away.
Okay, here goes...
1) learn to be more patient.
Now I know who this is 'coz I get to interact alot with people in course of my profession. And one thing I do know is that I, Franni, I am not a patient human being. I like to see things done at the speed of light. So, I tend to either physically bite my tongue to keep from screaming or I snap. But I've come a long way. These days, I try my best work around people. There's still room for improvement anywois.
Also, I hateeeeeee explaining my self. I say it once, I say it twice, that's it mehnnnnn! Any other is seriously testing my tolerance limit.
2) I have to learn how to think before I blurt out stuff. I do a lot of impulsive gibbering at times. Though not frequently and this has to do with my impatience. I say things I could have done without saying.

3) Pancakes
Are pancakes baked/fried/roasted/toasted/boiled I have no frigging idea how a pancake is made. I'm guessing this has to do with the fact that I hated pancakes as a kid. Now I wanna learn to make one...just in case.
Amma google it in a bit. And try it out whenever.

4) I need to seriously get over my warped sense of fat.
In my mind's eye, I'm an obesed-obese child. I'm insecure like that. Anywois, I still am gonna tie my jaws up and shed me some.

5)Learn to make Ofe Nsala
**insert ashamed smiley **
No comment, moving on to the next!!! NEXTTTTT!!!

6) Eliminate friendships.
Some friends who think I've got no responsibility whatsoever and all I stand for is as a means of bettering themselves, sorry darlings, you dudes have gotta go. Time's up! In the words of Ms Makinwa... Beg friends need to go.

7) Make birthday-gifts-bringing-friends.
Friends that would get me bbm-posing-cakes (unlike certain people who pre-order by themselves and then, surprise themselves at work when the cake appears with a self-inscribed "HBD darling, you mean the world to me". I won't mention names.)
I reject!!!
Ehenn, as I was just saying, me needs good ol' gift-bearing friends who will get me birthday gifts like - full car servicing and 1 year maintenance; iPad 4, Samsung Galaxy 4, trip to Paris, ermmmm,... okay land in Banana Island should be a next years' gift.

7) Share my time appropriately.

8) Relearn praying.

9) Decide which I hate more.
This tough decision is tied between football and politics gist.
 Decisions, decisions,decisions. Gotta choose. Both of them drive me nuts. This is especially most irritating when grown-arsed men who don't know jack sit down and discuss what they believe is going on.
Gees people, you cannot tell what goes on in politicians minds. There's sooo sooooo much you don't know like seriously, you have no clue.
Ok, this is solved... I hate politics talk.

10) Memo to Sun Newspaper.
There's a pertinent question that and subsequent request I need to forward to the editor of Sun Newspaper.
It has to do with page 3.
Question: What's the essence of page 3 sun girls? As in, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot does it mean??? The girls no be am sef! Haba. At times I feel like say it's a setup. Do these girls really send their sexy pictures to Sun or an enemy does it? Those girls are soooo... no comment.
Request: Can we have a blank page 3 instead?

Yea, those are few things I gats to do within 4 weeks. Yea, it's a wrap. Until next year time,....



  1. Hi Frannie missed you.Now I know why we are friends.I hated pancakes as a kid now I desperately wanna learn to make them.then political talks I dread but I can manage football. For the sun girls am guessing they are from Niger or somewhere very far so they never get to see the pics.for your birthday u still have 4 weeks to preorder a cake or make a really niceeee friend. Lots of hugs.

  2. Exiciting article! ...So trueabout pancakes; I think it comes with age, cos these days what we actualy hated during our tender years appear attractive! On the issue of Politics, dear Pendy pls be kind to note that if we(I mean our generation)keep deaf ears to the Politics of our country(if that is not the case already), we might all end up as refugees in our Father land someday! Thanks anyway for this piece... Hugs

  3. Hmmmm...ur to do list is complex oh....have u considered postponing ur birthday? Lol pls dnt mind me...I dnt like ofe nsala so I dnt mind if u cn cook it or for d sun girls, me I know dat one is co-operate hussling.HBD in the near future.

  4. Nice piece Fran.Good thing you r not dropping the mean strek u've got and pls dnt go through with the teeth tying thing. I'm a fan of pancakes so I'm waiting. See u on your birthday

  5. a wonderful piece. I loved pancakes as a child but as an adult I seem to love it less. am not crazy about football but politics, one has to be interested so as to hold those in power accountable. take care.

  6. I forgot to say that those sungirls from info I have act as escorts and in certain cases are looking for sugar daddy. most know what they are getting involved in.

  7. ....Please choose.............................................................Well this is like 30 mins of waiting. Huh, seems you don't won't any? Ok then will just wish you HBD in advance?

  8. Franni(all smiles), I love this piece. Me like pancakes,politics is a no go keeps me screaming and busy kicking and doing all the no,yes,goal tin(lol). Well,there is till time for the cake to be ordered and don't forget to invite me(smiles).For the sun girls(no comment).

  9. Hmmn! I didn't know u r fat, we have 2 change ur mirrors. If u still wanna lose some weight, I recommend only cabbage soup twice a day for 1 month. Yeah, dat sud do it. As 4 d sun girls, I need 2 know d person in charge of dat page. He/she needs new eyes.