Sunday, April 3, 2011

21 things you never knew about Franni

Whewwwww, how do I apologise for my long silence? I am so soooooooo sorry. Kk?
Oh now I wish I could serve you guys something that would be at least worth the wait. Let's see... will it be a little bit worth it if I told you 21 things you never knew about me?

Here goes:
21 things you don't know about me...

1---That name up there, is my actual name. And yes, it's in my birth certificate! My pop rocks right???

2 --- I am the true story of The Ugly Duckling. I was born a duckling compared to my other sibs back in the day but I kinda transformed into what I am today. And by what I'm made to believe these days, I bring pleasure to the eyes. Hey, hey, hey, at least that's what nice people say to me. :-)

3--- I am most easily bored!!!  My attention span is maximum, 30minutes after which all I hear is blah blah blah. Back in primary school, my teachers used to ask my parents if they over-worked me academically at home 'cos I wasn't concentrating in class. I guess I was too smart for the class lessons. Huh?

4--- I wee-weed in bed till it was most shameful. Don't ask for what age I stopped. It's shameful.

5---I am a great cook and I hate to cook and eat alone.

6--- I consider my self a friendly girl (sorta). Although some people out there may beg to differ... it's true!!! (tongue stuck out).

7--- I've got an award-winning smile. Yeahhhhhhhh.

8--- Number 6 says I'm friendly...but...I'm also a snub :-(
Usually, my attitude depends on what you dish me... you dish me bad attitude and you'll get that and a lil' more cream!

9--- My hobbies (if you can call them hobbies) are sleeping, eating, hanging with close friends and 'cosying-up' with my boo.

10---My greatest turn-off is seeing people cheated and mal-treated.

11--- Unbelieveable but true... I don't tell lies. Except of 'cos I'm joking.

12--- I play a lot. Whatever it is, I most often is game.

13--- I have fallen in love once in my life-time. Don't ask with whom.

14--- I have two huge phobias. 1st is being involved in a motor-accident and 2nd is losing someone I love.

15--- I am not the hahahaahaaa kinda girl. You can get a ''ha'' from me if it's an unworthy joke. If it's a bit funny, you'll see laugh lines on my face plus a toothless smile. But if it's hilarious... and it has to be hilarious or maybe I like you then you'll get to see my gap-tooth and hear me laugh my brains out. I laugh hardest when I imagine a funny scenario.

16---I love to play around with make-up.

17--- I hate seeing naked girls... most of my girl-friends should please please please copy that!

18--- I don't carry a grudge beyond dawn.
 Before you see me angry ehnn,hmmmn, that means someone should be hung. Don't get it twisted oh,I get offended, I get upset but angry, need to put in more effort to get me angry. I can remember two times in my life I got angry and the results...disaster!

19--- I consider my self a free-thinker...but not where Christainity is concerned.

20---I love shoes.

21--- if there's one thing I' like to do before I die, it's to jump off a helicopter wearing a parachute.

And the one thing you do know about me is ... I'm Frannilicious :*kiss


Hope this makes up for my absence?

Please feel free to tell me one or two things about yourself.


  1. nice to hear from you again and this piece is cool. well about myself am kind of cool ,hate to be bordered with things that don't make sense and quite observant. cheers

  2. Frannilicious Franni... How was your exams? Long time no see. Thanks for telling us things we don't know about you. The only I know about you b4 now is that you are a doc. But I will need more info regarding some of the things.
    4.. What class were you when you stopped wee-weeing in bed? (I did not ask for age abi)
    5.. I won't believe you until I eat your food.
    7..I won't believe you until I see you in person (seeing is believing)1
    11.. You have just told a lie.
    14..Almost everybody have that phobia.
    17..How did you cope in girls hostel.
    21.. Why the parachute? Why not just jump off straight.

    We share almost everything in common with the exception of few. I am thinking of other things you never knew about me. I shall get back when I complete the thought procesess

    I am still waiting for your comments on my blog o. You will not pay for the comments pls.

    Have a nice week ahead.

  3. oh thanks Anony and Surprise

    @surprise, tot u are a dude... 17 applies to you??? wow! I'm visiting your blog asap.

  4. @Franni... Yea I'm a guy. 17 does not apply to me. But I know guys exhibit their nakedness in their hostels. I guess girls too do the same.

  5. LOL...I am with Biobele on this one...

  6. hw wz ur exam?wel most thngs here are true,almost al except a few,bt ur blog is d bomb

  7. nice piece.cudnt kip 4rm witty as eva huh.

  8. nice name...u sure its on ur birth certificate *raised eyebrow* lol

  9. Belated thanks to Ʊ guys. Makky, anony, honey dame,cece, and of course Biobele

  10. Franni, you rock.
    Surprise is a guy?? Had no idea.

  11. Cool & interesting writeup...culdnt stop laughing (xcept 4d phobia part)...kip it up gal....& ur a medical doc? nice....

  12. tot of were just a quite, brilliant& pretty doctor. Never knew dat somethg more was lying beyond d "book cover".
    U are d best! **tripping**

  13. tot of were just a quite, brilliant& pretty doctor. Never knew dat somethg more was lying beyond d "book cover".
    U are d best! **tripping**

  14. Quite interesting n ope frank.U combine many qualities.Gud blog

  15. We know some of these things. The wee part interesting. Free thinker suspicious. All round nice work

  16. I guess I've totally aced 15, many times, I've seen the gap teeth in 15 different ways and counting.
    I wonder why you didn't add number 22.
    When next we see, remind me so i whisper 22 in your ear (it's not for a trick-kiss or tickle, I'll only whisper number 22 in your ear, i promise. Stop laughing.)

  17. We know all these things Na. The wee wee part no wonder. All round nice work anyways